Queer Pride installation at Melbourne City Library

I was asked to do an installation of paintings at the Melbourne City Library as part of the Melbourne Pride Festival (called Midsumma). The theme they gave me to react to was "Challenging Dewey". When the Dewey Decimal system was first introduced Queer identities (such as gay or transgender) were classified as "abnormal." So my response is pretty straightforward, I installed about 30 paintings of queer identified people as a way of saying "We are here, and we are not abnormal. We are just being ourselves." If you're in Melbourne it runs to the end of February (2016).  (Sorry for the junky photos. I forgot my real camera, and had to use my phone camera.)

Found Festival 2015

Fun things happen if you just say 'yes'. For example, you might install a bunch of paintings in a tiny kids house that gets used a tattoo studio for a day. This was what I did for Found Festival, an arts festival celebrating feminist art and entertainment in Melbourne.  The tattoos were by the lovely Melanie Knight.  Click the photos to see other pics

Making a Painting

Here's a short video of me making a painting. If you pay attention, you'll notice that I take a break in the middle to do my nails. :)