I'm a self taught artist, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I paint colorful, stylized paintings of people. I use these paintings for street art, murals, gallery shows, commissions and sometimes just for fun.

My art has been featured and reviewed in a number of publications including a new book "Street Art Australia" by Lou Chamberlin, Vandolog.com, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Queer Porn Film Festival, Mx Magazine, Yarracity Arts, and the cover of the Yarra News.

My art is included in the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives. I am scheduled for a future show at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Oh and somehow I'm the Grrlfest Artist in Residence. 

You can read more about my art in these interviews: "Trans artists you should follow" on SBS // Interview with Outlet Magazine // Interview with HeapsGay // Feature on MIC //  Interview with About Blank//  Interview with Indie Porn Revolution

Photo of me by Liz Ham ( website )   Contact ::     email: astrotwitch@gmail.com  Instragram:  @astrotwitch   Tumblr:  queerthestreets.tumblr.com    Facebook:     facebook.com/astrotwitch

Photo of me by Liz Ham (website)

Contact ::  

email: astrotwitch@gmail.com

Instragram: @astrotwitch

Tumblr: queerthestreets.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/astrotwitch

A couple wheatpastes from Collingwood, VIC in 2015

A couple wheatpastes from Collingwood, VIC in 2015

Shows & Events

Getting By - Solo show at Off the Kerb Gallery in Melbourne - June 2017.

Fuck It - Group show at Kent St Bar - June 2017

Youth -- Group show at Off the Kerb Gallery in Melbourne - April 2017

We Can Speak for Ourselves - Midsumma show and live mural painting at Melbourne City Library. - January 2017

Ink & Teal, Pink & Blue - A 2 person show with Be Free at Lands End Gallery in Melbourne. - September 2016

What if it works? - My paintings were a significant part of the feature length movie to be releasing in 2017 (see IMDB listing here). 

Back Alleys - A 2 person show with street artist Be Free at blank_space gallery in Sydney, Australia. - July 2016

Midsumma Installation at Melbourne City Library - For Melbourne Queer Pride Festival I installed 36 paintings in the Melbourne library featuring queer identities that under the original Dewey Decimal System would have been labeled as "abnormal". - Jan 2016

Found Festival InstallationInstallation of 25 paintings covering the inside of children's play house that was used as a tattoo studio in Melbourne - Nov 2015

Provocateur Installation – Installation of 29 paintings covering roughly a 4x4 meter wall at launch party of Provocateur event sponsored by Grrlfest in 24 Moons bar in Norhtcote, VIC - Aug 2015

Something for the rest of us  - Solo Show at Off the Kerb Gallery in Collingwood, VIC, Australia -  May 2015

Arcadia - Group Show at Off the Kerb Gallery - Apr 2015

Grrlfest - Feminist arts and music festival in Melbourne, VIC - March 2015

Midsumma Solo Show in Melbourne Queer Pride Festival in Tacit Contemporary Gallery in Abbotsford, VIC, Australia – Feb 2015

Outsiders – unauthorised exhibition of 5 street artists in Fitzroy, VIC, Australia - May 2014

3 years in DC ­– Wheatpasted solo exhibition of 8 large paintings on the side of The Fridge Gallery in Washington, DC USA – Aug 2013

With love and care – I curated an exhibition of 5 international artists in The Fridge Gallery in Washington, DC USA – May 2013

Hello My Name is … - Fridge Gallery Group Show – March 2013, Washington, DC

Queer the Streets Project - Beginning in January 2014 I started a project to raise the presence of queer people, and queer narratives in public spaces. Since beginning this project all of the art I have made, and all portraits have been based on queer identified people. A large fraction of this project is in the form of uncommissioned street art, but this can also include shows and festivals that I am a part of. In some paintings the art is accompanied with text highlighting cultural issues that queer people face. If you are a queer organization and would be interested in participating in this project (for example allowing a mural to painted) please contact me at astrotwitch@gmail.com. 

Models & Photographers: I am very grateful to the models and photographers who allow me to use their photos for my paintings. Many of them are artists in their own right and you should check out their work. Please check out the photos of Liz Ham, Courtney Trouble (link NSFW), Sarah Deragon, and  Aja Pop.

My work space. 2015

My work space. 2015